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About Louise

My love for trav­el­ling start­ed when I was young. My par­ents come from dif­fer­ent coun­tries and we moved to the Mid­dle East when I was five years old. I grew accus­tomed to liv­ing in new places and grew up with peo­ple from many cul­tures. This still moti­vates me to ven­ture fur­ther and explore far away places. Look­ing down on the world from the top of a moun­tain fills me with awe and gives me a feel­ing of being con­nect­ed with nature. Going to new places some­times takes me out of my com­fort zone.

Yoga is part of my inward jour­ney. On this jour­ney I come across beau­ti­ful places and some­times encounter chal­lenges on the way. I find that one of the best things about trav­el­ling is shar­ing your expe­ri­ences with oth­ers. Now set­tled in Delft, I con­tin­ue my jour­ney inwards while shar­ing with new people.


Critical Alignment Yoga teacher

I was drawn to the med­i­ta­tive approach of Crit­i­cal Align­ment Yoga, which empha­sis­es the use of relax­ation and the breath to achieve a nat­ur­al pos­ture. A lot of atten­tion is giv­en to aware­ness of your body and your pos­ture through the breath, and this is what I teach.

After com­plet­ing the Crit­i­cal Align­ment Yoga teacher train­ing in Ams­ter­dam, I trav­elled in India, France and Por­tu­gal. Adven­tur­ing out­side and with­in, my jour­ney pro­gressed while study­ing Osho active med­i­ta­tion tech­niques, Aqua-float­ing, Water ther­a­py, Heal­ing Dance, Shaman­is­tic Vision Quest and Aura Read­ing. Always work­ing with the breath, increas­ing aware­ness and learn­ing to let go and sur­ren­der to the flow of life.

Certification and
personal development

  • Crit­i­cal Align­ment Yoga, Crit­i­cal Align­ment Insti­tute, teacher train­ing, 2014 – 2017 (3,5 years)
  • Aura Read­ing Expert, The Hague, 2020 — 2022 
  • Eco­nom­ic Sci­ence, Uni­ver­si­ty of Aberdeen, mas­ters, Scot­land, 2000
  • High School, Kent school, Con­necti­cut, VS, 1996


  • Heal­ing Dance Above & Below, 2023
  • Aura Read­ing, 2020 — 2022
  • Intu­itive devel­op­ment, 2021
  • Vision Quest, 2019
  • Heal­ing Dance 1 & 2, 2020 — 2022
  • Wata 1, 2021
  • Aquafloat­ing, 2019