I have felt the desire to expand my teaching practice and reach more people by teaching classes in English for a while. The current circumstances surrounding the isolation, confinement and need for connection many of us are feeling during the corona epidemic is encouraging me to finally explore the online teaching environment.

If you are interested and would like to join me, I will post a zoom link for my classes here and on facebook.

Practising Critical Alignment Yoga has the added complexity (that brings lots of added benefits!!!), with its use of specially designed tools. If you do not have access to the tools I will be giving instructions on how to make your homemade tools using:
*towel or a sheet
*4cm thick book
*thin cushion

Because Critical Alignment is unique and will be new to many of you, you can watch the introductory video to learn a little bit more about it.

Here is a series of articles about CAY with exercises published in the Yoga Magazine @holland in 2016

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